Our Speciality :

Ultra Sound

At Ahinsadham, we have multiple advanced ultrasound machines to provide all kinds of ultra-sonographic examinations:
• Routine ultrasound for all parts required including abdomen, kidneys, prostate, uterus, ovaries etc.
• Vascular doppler studies for peripheral arterial & venous lower and upper limbs, renal doppler, carotid doppler etc.
• Trans-cranial ultrasound and Doppler
• Pregnancy ultrasounds

Dialysis Unit

Dialysis Unit is well equipped with 4 latest state of art machines started in the month of April 2015. Facility of dialysis is available in three shifts with arrangement to provide dialysis whole day at a very low cost. We are having qualified and experienced Nephrologist and dialysis technician to run the Dialysis Unit.

Laboratory Department

Laboratory department provided with the finest equipment for comprehensive diagnostic support to their clinical counterparts and a patient-centric approach.Our qualified and experienced laboratory faculty with its commitment has left no stone unturned to ensure quality laboratory testing with shortest possible turnaround time. We conduct all types of tests like Blood Group Test, Blood Sugar Test (PP & Fasting), HBA1C, TYPHI DOT, MALARIA ANTIGEN, DENGUE SEROLOGY, THYROID PROFILE, PSA, CHOLESTROL, LFT, HEAMOGLOBIN etc. and complete Health Check up.


Ambulance at Ahinsadham offers 12 hours Patient Transport facility equipped with all life saving facilities like Oxygen cylinder, emergency medicines, Ambu bag, Laryngoscope with endotracheal tubes, Pulse Oxymeter, Suction Machine etc geared to meet any emergency at very low cost to help needy and poor people.


We have well equipped Physiotherapy to match with the requirement of modern period. This center is equipped with Heating machine to conduct ‘Short web Diathermy’ and ‘Inter Ferential’ Therapy to treat Cervical Problems and Lumbers Spondilytis. Ultrasonic is being used for Tender point. We use Lesser from Electrocare to treat Acute Injury. We conduct ‘Cervical Traction’ to treat ‘Headache related to Cervical and Vertigo’. The Lumber Traction is being used for Lumber Spondilytis


We have well equipped Dental Department accompanied with 2 dental chairs and all modern facilities. The services are provided by well qualified Dentists.

Treatment Procedures

• Cleaning of Teeth
• Complete Dentures
• Removable Partial Dentures
• Cast Partial Dentures
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Crowns & Bridges
• Extraction of Teeth & Other Oral Surgical Procedures
• Orthodontic Treatment
• Single sitting Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
• Treatment & Prevention of Children's Decaying Teeth
• Surgical Orthodontics

Alternative Medicines

At Ahinsadham we are providing alternative medicines i.e Ayurvedic and Homeopathic OPDs for acute and severe patients. We are providing Homeo -pathic medicines also. Alternative medicine department is having well qualified and experienced doctors to cure all chronic diseases including hair and skin ailments.


We offer state of the art X-Ray equipment ( 300 mA X-Ray ) with technologically advanced Digital radiography unit attached to provide clearer and accurate X-rays.
• Routine X-rays for all body parts.
• Special procedures including Barium studies, Urogenital studies, HSG etc.


We At ahinsadham we offer latest ECG machine MAC* 1200 digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that meet the needs of clinicians. Its advanced algorithm capabilities, seamless connectivity to the MUSE* Cardiology Information System and easy-to-use features gives accuracy.

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